Pre-bookings are always preferred, to avoid disappointment and to allow me an opportunity to make arrangements so I am available for you.

However, please don't hesitate to ask, because you never know. 

Once a booking is confirmed, I completely dedicate my time, enthusiasm, and effort to you.

I am just as eager and excited to play
as much as you are!

My availability is often limited, and so I really appreciate if you do need to make any booking changes or cancellations,
you will advise asap (in advance).  

Please contact me initially via email. 
I'll provide my mobile number once our
booking is confirmed. 

Include your preferred day/time, duration, location,
approx age, profession, and please also tell me about yourself and what experience you are looking for. 

Or alternatively,
if you are a new Client and are ready
to make a booking, please complete my
Secure Booking Form

If you have any requests, please let me know upfront
and we can discuss or arrange further. 
I'm also happy to be spontaneous and see
where our time takes us. 

Sometimes I may not be able to respond immediately,
but will asap. And I'll only respond to
respectful and polite emails. 

LUXURY companion   

Your rare special treat